Friends of the Capitol

spon-001 Fellow (students) $25.00
spon-002 Fellow $50.00
spon-003 Centennial Sponsorship $100.00
spon-004 Patron Sponsorship $250.00
spon-005 Leadership Circle $500.00
spon-006 President’s Council $1,000.00
spon-007 Cornerstone Club $2,500.00
spon-008 Solomon Layton Society $5,000.00
book-003 "The Oklahoma State Capitol" a book by Charles Ford and Bob Burke $29.95
mug-001 Friends of the Capitol Mug $15.00
paver-001 Engraved Granite Paver - 15in. x 15in.
Engraved name:
paver-002 Business Engraved Granite Paver - 30in. x 15in.
Engraved name:
donate-001 Donation - $10 $10.00
donate-002 Donation - $50 $50.00

Paver information

Each granite paver may only contain the name of one person, no titles (i.e. "Mr. & Mrs." or "Tom and Susan Smith" are not allowed). Nicknames are not allowed on pavers but are welcome on the biography. There is a maximum of 36 characters that can be inscribed.